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Using Custom Post Type UI Extended

If you find yourself building a large-scale website with WordPress, chances are the requirements are going to go well-beyond standard pages & posts. Custom Post Types make WordPress a true content management system, not just a simple blogging platform. Think of CPT's as posts, but for any type of content, and the options become limitless. You…

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Create clickable hotspot maps in WordPress

In this article, I’ll show you how to create clickable hotspot maps in WordPress using the Image Hotspot plugin by DevVN. This is a lightweight plugin, without a lot of frills, and simply gets the job done. If you need to create a screenshot tutorial, or even a simple clickable map of locations, I recommend…

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Paid Member Subscriptions tutorial & overview

Just when I thought I wouldn’t see another membership plugin for a while, I mean, how many could there be — Paid Member Subscriptions came across my desk. The following tutorial is sponsored from the fine folks over at Cozmoslabs, creators Paid Member Subscriptions , and of a handful of other WordPress plugins.  So let’s…

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Create audio playlists in WordPress with AudioIgniter

Creating rich media on WordPress is at an all-time high, and it’s just getting started. The team at CSSIgniter recently launched a free WordPress plugin for playing audio tracks on your blog called AudioIgniter. They’ve set their sights on making a super-simple audio player with clean customizable controls -- and they’ve done a smashing job.…

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Google Maps Widget Plugin Overview

If you’re looking for an easy to use Google Maps widget for your WordPress website, look no further than the Google Maps Widget plugin. This plugin installs a customizable widget into your WordPress website, that gives you control over your mapping needs. You can control the map dimensions, like height & width, place a pin…

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