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WordPress video tutorials

Welcome to the home of handcrafted WordPress plugin tutorials! Enjoy some of the videos I've put together over on the YouTube channel. In each video I'll teach how to use some of the best features of the plugin, what type of user they were built for, and share some of my own user feedback.

WordPress tutorials on YouTube


Check out our extensive list of WordPress tutorials on PluginTut YouTube channel. We cover some of the most popular and interesting WordPress plugins in the marketplace.

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Restrict Content Pro plugin tutorials


Restrict Content Pro is one of the leading WordPress membership plugins on the market. Backed by the team from Pippin's Plugins, you you can rest easy you will be using great software, backed by a great team.

Beaver Build plugin tutorials


Page builders are a hot topic -- love 'em or hate 'em. Beaver Builder might not be the flashy plugin on the block, but it does a great job building pages. Plus, there's a great team behind the code.


Divi 3.0


If you're looking for the most popular page builder theme combo, look no further than Divi 3.0.  Loaded with features and functions, Divi gives you a cutting edge page building experience. I'd recommend this for small sites, looking to use a single solution.

Contact Form Plugins


Contact Form plugins are the glue for more WordPress websites. From basic contact forms, to 3rd party integrations with marketing automation software. This series of videos will show you how to use the top 7 of WordPress contact form plugins on the market.