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On any given day, at any given WordCamp, if you asked someone to name WordPress plugin developers, John James Jacoby would show up on 9 out of 10 lists.

He’s breathing new life into his WordPress plugins, starting with WP Event Calendar, the best way to mange events in WordPress. Sure, event calendars are as ubiquitous as contact form plugins at this point, but JJJ and his team aim to achieve something slightly different with their take on it.

WP Event Calendar plugin by John James Jacoby

This calendar does not output a shiny AJAX-y calendar display like most do.

Instead, this plugin is a lightweight and functional approach for developers, a calendar framework of sorts. Instead of your typical event calendar plugin that you might install on a client’s website, WP Event Calendar plugin is meant for viewing the calendar *logged into* WordPress in the native dashboard.

WP Event Calendar, calendar view

Imagine if you had a staff of writers and marketing people that all logged into WordPress for content creation purposes. You could leverage WP Event Calendar as a content calendar, or even schedule meetings for the team using it’s Event custom post types. That’s not to say you couldn’t output the calendar to the front-end of the website, you’ll just need to get your hands dirty.

That’s not all JJJ is up to as we chat about the following plugins too:

  • WP Chosen – a neat “micro” plugin that improves the look & feel of WordPress dropdown lists.
  • WP User Profiles – an improved UI of the user profile pages within WordPress

Plugins Loaded

Plugins Loaded is a full-service WordPress plugin publishing company, inclusive of author, deployment, development, design, distribution, documentation, project management, general publishing, research, sales, support, and more.

I have this concept about selecting the right WordPress plugin:

FUSE: Fit, Usability, Support, Environment

JJJ realizes that picking a plugin isn’t easy and having a curated list of plugins at pluginsloaded.com is how he’s attempting to solve this pain point. This new venture aims to take well-coded, well-supported WordPress plugins to the next level. Still in it’s infancy, but yet another labor of love from John.

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