FacetWP WordPress plugin interview

Have you ever wanted to setup search filtering on your WordPress e-commerce store that looked like you were browsing Amazon products?

You know, the little checkboxes on the left-hand side of the screen that, when clicked, filter down the amount of products shown on the screen. That’s what FacetedWP plugin does for your WordPress website and it does it really well. It’s also created by someone that I respect in our development community, and he’s on a mission to provide a great product.

FacetWP Filtering Plugin

Advanced Filtering for WordPress. Faceted search for eCommerce, resource libraries, search pages and more.

If you’re someone that finds herself developing more intricate WordPress websites, like e-commerce or content-driven directories, chances are you need a smart solution for filtering all of this data.

But before we get into the demonstration, fair warning, this plugin should be used by someone that fancies themselves at the intermediate level. Depending on your theme, environment, and “other” variables, you ,ay find yourself diving into editing a few lines of code.

All of that said, FacetWP does provide some great docs and in today’s episode of PluggedIn Radio, you’ll get an overview of what it’s like to install and use the plugin.

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