WooCommerce Overview Tutorial -

WooCommerce Overview Tutorial

The WooCommerce plugin makes for one heck of a powerful e-commerce WordPress website. With all of that great power comes with great responsibility…err…options.

In this WooCommerce tutorial video, we’ll review the early setup process that you encounter after installing the plugin. This isn’t a step-by-step, highly detailed tutorial, but more of a broad overview of using WooCommerce altogether.

Is WooCommerce the best WordPress e-commerce plugin?

That might the question you’re asking yourself right now. The more accurate question is, is WooCommerce the best e-commerce plugin for you? If you read my guide, How-to Find the Best WordPress Plugin, Woo is the primary example of in that situation.

Yes, it’s the most popular.

Yes, it’s widely supported.

Yes, it’s owned by Automattic.

None of that means it’s the perfect solution for you. For instance, if all you care about is selling digital products, Easy Digital Downloads might be better. If you want to sell digital product AND traditional merchandise, then you have a better argument to use WooCommerce. In the end, the plugin is a powerful e-commerce solution with lots of options and available add-ons, all of which, aim to help you grow your business — online and off.

WooCommerce installation & setup overview video

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