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Restrict Content Pro Interview

The online learning market is huge. If you’re a traditional business owner or a new-age entrepreneur, one of the most effective ways to create new revenue is to launch an online course. You’re taking the knowledge and experiences you’ve painstakingly curated over the years, bottling it up, and selling member-only access to it. A pay-wall, as it’s known in the more traditional publishing space.

What an age we live in. Modern web technology empowers us to spread our knowledge and earn a living doing so.

On your WordPress website, member-only content or courses, are nothing more than protected pages/posts that you grant access to. Because WordPress powers a huge chunk of the modern web, membership plugins have become increasingly popular. I’d venture to say it’s just as competitive as the contact form or photo gallery plugin space.  Lots of choices, features, and decisions need to be made in order to choose such a pivotal plugin for your business.

In today’s show, Pippin Williamson of Restrict Content Pro, joins us to demonstrate the use case for his refreshed membership plugin for WordPress.

Restrict Content Pro plugin by Pippin’s Plugins

Editor’s note: Restrict Content Pro is this month’s sponsor. The episode was recorded before any dealings or negotiations were made to sponsor our content. Their sponsorship did not alter the questions or presentation of this episode. We thank Restrict Content Pro for making our efforts possible. Happy learning!
Lock away your exclusive content. Give access to valued members.
Internet marketing gurus have been preaching online membership courses for a solid 2 years — it’s presented as the easiest way to start earning money online.

And while that’s true, not all membership plugins are the same. In fact, most people starting a membership website, are first-time WordPress users. WordPress isn’t easy, and throwing in the overhead of managing a membership plugin, only makes it that much more complicated. Lucky for us, Pippin and his team have set out to streamline the WordPress membership process.

Restrict Content Pro isn’t new, but they have spent some time breathing new life into the product. With it’s own dedicated marketing and sales page, the team is poised to really put a dent in the membership plugin space.

Restrict Content Pro admin screen
Restrict Content Pro admin screen

I’d say this, even if Restrict Content Pro wasn’t sponsoring: I’m excited to see their team re-invest in the membership plugin space.  

When you’re choosing the right WordPress plugin for your website or next project, it’s important to look at the author’s ecosystem.

  • Do they have complimentary plugins that aid in a more complete solution for your website or business?
  • Can I get total support across the board?

With Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP, not only can you bet on having a robust solution, but the same team to support you across many key areas of your online business.

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