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Podcast plugins for WordPress

It's about time you start that new podcast you've always wanted to launch. Podcasting is a great way to repurpose existing blog content, show-off your prowess in a particular area, and build an engaged audience. Even if you're selling dog biscuits, you should be thinking like a big media brand. Gary was right when he mulled over…

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Content Marketing, Divi 3.0, and Ghost Writing with Nathan B Weller

Nathan Weller, Marketing Manager at Elegant Themes, joins the show today to talk about content marketing, ghost writing, and Divi 3. This is a small departure from our normal show, where we discuss WordPress headlines and demonstrate plugins from the authors themselves. Instead, I'm taking a page out of my own Matt Report WordPress business…

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Create audio playlists in WordPress with AudioIgniter

Creating rich media on WordPress is at an all-time high, and it’s just getting started. The team at CSSIgniter recently launched a free WordPress plugin for playing audio tracks on your blog called AudioIgniter. They’ve set their sights on making a super-simple audio player with clean customizable controls -- and they’ve done a smashing job.…

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WordPress & Local SEO with Nate Wright

If you're looking to improve your search visibility, specifically in local search results, the Business Profile plugin might be just the ticket. Nate Wright, owner of Theme of the Crop, joins today's podcast episode to chat about the genesis of his plugin, the benefits of local SEO, and how it all comes together using his…

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Restrict Content Pro Interview

The online learning market is huge. If you're a traditional business owner or a new-age entrepreneur, one of the most effective ways to create new revenue is to launch an online course. You're taking the knowledge and experiences you've painstakingly curated over the years, bottling it up, and selling member-only access to it. A pay-wall, as it's known…

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WooCommerce Smart Checkout plugin interview

The opening season of PluggedIn Radio has been showered with lightweight plugins that serve very specific functions within WordPress. Tom McFarlin's Easier Excerpts makes excerpts, well, easier. John James Jacoby demonstrated a plugin that cleans up the user profile page and one that makes drop-downs look better. They are small, quick to develop, and make a large impact…

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FacetWP WordPress plugin interview

Have you ever wanted to setup search filtering on your WordPress e-commerce store that looked like you were browsing Amazon products? You know, the little checkboxes on the left-hand side of the screen that, when clicked, filter down the amount of products shown on the screen. That's what FacetedWP plugin does for your WordPress website and it…

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Easier Excerpts WordPress plugin interview

Welcome to the first episode of PluggedIn Radio! This podcast serves as a bridge between the creators of WordPress products & services and our listeners. I feel it's important that we understand who creates our software, before uploading to the websites that power our brands and organizations. The podcast also serves as a means to…

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