WordPress & Local SEO with Nate Wright -

WordPress & Local SEO with Nate Wright

If you’re looking to improve your search visibility, specifically in local search results, the Business Profile plugin might be just the ticket.

Nate Wright, owner of Theme of the Crop, joins today’s podcast episode to chat about the genesis of his plugin, the benefits of local SEO, and how it all comes together using his products. In this 40 minute demonstration, we’ll show you how to configure the options of the Business Profile plugin, and display our business locations on top Nate’s theme.

Business Profile Plugin and it’s local SEO advantage

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Building a WordPress website for restaurant owners is a tricky business.

On the Matt Report, a place where I talk about serving businesses with WordPress, we often talk about the $500 website client. Someone who has very little money, but wants all the bells and whistles. Often, busy chefs and restaurant owners fall under that category — and it makes sense. It’s a very competitive business, it’s very seasonal, and there’s a lot of turnover.

But, here’s the thing, WordPress themes, plugins, and tools are getting much better and their affordable. You could take that $500 budget and put the right themes and plugins together to make huge wins for a small business owner.

Winning with local SEO

Schema data being fed to Google SERPs

As Nate points out, the Business Profile plugin — or local SEO in general — isn’t about beating out your local competition, but serving the right business information to Google.

If you notice in the screenshot above, you’ll see the hours of operation, phone numbers, and other contact info associated with a business. Nate’s recent update to the plugin also supports multiple locations too, a huge boon, to larger businesses. Sure, Google does a decent job of identifying this information without you using the proper Schema data, but when you’re using a plugin like this, you can control it.

There’s nothing worse than a potential customer showing up to your location, and your closed.

What do you use for local SEO and do you have any tips for us? Drop them in the comments below.

Download the theme and plugins shown in the video!

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