WordPress product promotions via PluginTut -

WordPress product promotions via PluginTut

I wanted to take a commercial break in-between the rush of content coming out lately, with a small service announcement to help pay the bills.

If you’re a WordPress product or service business, PluginTut can help you reach more customers, refine your marketing message, and even smooth out your product’s rough edge through a handful of our own services. Our mission is to help WordPress users not only learn how to use some of the great software available to them, but to meet the great companies behind them.

We accomplish this through publishing handcrafted WordPress tutorials, and hosting a live show where software creators come on to demonstrate their products. It’s a deep dive into learning the ins-and-outs, but the often overlooked, why, of a product. Why was this software created, who is best served to use it, and so on. Sprinkle in a touch of humor; it’s an attempt at being an enjoyable conversation, too.

How to promote your WordPress business

I will WordPress for food. – Me, trying to run a business.

It’s important that I’m transparent with my audience — I’m also very honest. This very post should serve as a good indication of that. Publishing WordPress content has become a big part of how I make a living, and I’d like to make you aware of that. There’s a lot of “WordPress content creators” that do this simply for the affiliate links, and while I include affiliate links here, I only include the ones I trust.

Another part of the business is sponsored content and tutorials. It’s important to understand this content shouldn’t be confused with WordPress reviews. These are a mix of written + video tutorials that aim to help guide a new user through the software being explained. I’ll often include my own feedback, in a review like fashion, but the context is to learn the software, first and foremost.  Like the affiliate links, not everyone makes the cut.

What is this leading up to? The type of content I produce, and offer to sponsors. If you’re looking to get the word out about your product, or want some experienced feedback, let’s dive in:

Free tutorials

I always need content to write about, but I don’t need to write about another multi-purpose theme. Feel free to contact me about your product, and pitch me your new product or service. If it’s unique enough, and you’ve got an interesting story, we can book an episode of PluggedIn Radio for a product demonstration.

Pitch me your product

Paid handcrafted tutorials

The video above demonstrates a handcrafted video and written tutorial. Content like this takes a considerable amount of effort, and pricing will vary depending on your plugin. I aim to make educational content fun and engaging, not another post in a farm of ghost writers.

Contact me for a tutorial

Sponsor the site + podcast

Like Restrict Content Pro & Pluginize, you can reach my audience by sponsoring the content production of PluginTut. This is a 60-day agreement where we highlight your product in banner-form on the website, along with ad reads during our PluggedIn Radio live shows. This is the most effective and intimate way to reach our engaging audience.

Affordable & private product feedback

I’m a product owner too, I know how valuable feedback is. I’ve created a service just for folks like you and I, where I send you private feedback videos of me using your product. I’ll take a look at all angles like your marketing message, the setup of your software, and the overall usability — neatly wrapped up in video format.

$59 Video feedback

Help spread the word

If you know someone that can benefit from these services, please spread the word. Supporting PluginTut means i can continue to publish great content to help users learn how to experience WordPress & your software the way they should.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

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