Embed WordPress tutorial videos in the admin dashboard -

Embed WordPress tutorial videos in the admin dashboard

If you’re making a living building WordPress websites, one major part of the process is supporting and training your customer. You might need to teach them the basics of WordPress, or you might need to create documentation on the custom features you built. The latter being more commonplace among the higher paying web consulting jobs, where they expect some form of documentation.

That’s where Easy Support Videos comes into play.

Sure there’s solutions already out there like WP 101, which create video walkthroughs of core WordPress features and a handful of popular plugins, but maybe that’s not going to do the trick for you. Perhaps your customer is paying you, specifically, to make the training material. Let’s take a look at how Easy Support Videos might work for you.

Using Easy Support Videos

Here are some of the benefits for using Easy Support Videos:

Adding videos is as simple as copy/paste

Embedding videos

Easy Support Videos makes it easy for admins to copy and paste any oEmbed video into the admin side of WordPress. You can use popular video hosting services like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and even VideoPress. Simply paste the video link into the add video bar, and the video will embed into a list on the page. From there, you can build your list of videos to help support your WordPress customer, or website user.

Set who can view/edit videos

Display and edit videos to certain roles

You can configure Easy Support Videos to display the videos to a user role of your choosing. Great, if you only want your videos displayed to user roles with Editor and above. Same goes with editing the video list, and renaming titles.

Edit the video title

When you embed a video into ESV, it will use the video title set from the video hosting service. You can change that title by double-clicking on the title area, and then typing in your new title. Useful if you want to change the title to something more meaningful to your user, but keep it the same in your YouTube channel.

Are they watching?

ESV relies on you making your own videos, or using openly available videos on the web. If that’s going to be too much work for you, I’ll reiterate looking at WP 101 which will have a library of videos already created for you.

Having said that, one major advantage to creating your videos, and hosting on a video platform is the analytics. We’ve all been there, where we ask the user if they read the instructions, and they clearly didn’t. Take advantage of the analytics your video hosting company provides, and ensure your customers are watching the support videos.

If you create screencasts for some of your more custom features of the website, you can also use that data to see what videos are viewed the most, and then you can make an investment on improving those features of the website, so it’s easier for your customer.

Download Easy Support Videos today!

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  1. Hey Gary, thanks for the kind words. We’ll be releasing a white label add-on soon, it will be paid, but it’s affordable and helps us continue to invest more time into the plugin as a whole. Thanks!

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