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Using Custom Post Type UI Extended

If you find yourself building a large-scale website with WordPress, chances are the requirements are going to go well-beyond standard pages & posts. Custom Post Types make WordPress a true content management system, not just a simple blogging platform. Think of CPT's as posts, but for any type of content, and the options become limitless. You…

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How to create custom post types with Easy Content Types

Enabling custom post types on your WordPress website is, in my opinion, the first step to going beyond WordPress as a blogging platform. Sure, default WordPress is considered a Content Management System (CMS). You’re managing a collection posts and pages. Further, attached to your posts, you have categories and tags deepening the relationship across your…

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Business Profile Plugin & Meta Box Plugin Previews

Welcome to PluginTut's first weekly preview round-up. This week, we preview two plugins that you might find useful for your next WordPress project. In fact, these two might play well together for someone building a more advanced business website, and become part of your everyday WordPress-building toolkit. Let's dive in! Business Profile Plugin Download it…

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FacetWP WordPress plugin interview

Have you ever wanted to setup search filtering on your WordPress e-commerce store that looked like you were browsing Amazon products? You know, the little checkboxes on the left-hand side of the screen that, when clicked, filter down the amount of products shown on the screen. That's what FacetedWP plugin does for your WordPress website and it…

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