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Business Profile Plugin & Meta Box Plugin Previews

Welcome to PluginTut’s first weekly preview round-up. This week, we preview two plugins that you might find useful for your next WordPress project. In fact, these two might play well together for someone building a more advanced business website, and become part of your everyday WordPress-building toolkit. Let’s dive in!

WooCommerce Smart Checkout plugin interview

The opening season of PluggedIn Radio has been showered with lightweight plugins that serve very specific functions within WordPress. Tom McFarlin’s Easier Excerpts makes excerpts, well, easier. John James Jacoby demonstrated a plugin that cleans up the user profile page and one that makes drop-downs look better. They are small, quick to develop, and make a large impact …

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WordPress plugin tutorials by

Why PluginTut?

For the past three-plus years, I’ve been producing a WordPress podcast called the Matt Report. The show is a labor of love, a way to connect with other WordPress business owners and gather together to talk shop. It has served as an amazing way to connect with many of you around the WordPress community, and …

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