WordPress plugin tutorials by PluginTut.com

WordPress Plugin Tutorials by PluginTut.com

There are many WordPress plugin tutorial websites on the Internet, many of which are built simply to drive affiliate sale revenue for the author. PluginTut.com aims to provide high-quality and in-depth WordPress plugin tutorials for readers (and viewers) seeking something more during their WordPress journey.

Installing and setting up a self-hosted WordPress website is not easy. Finding a great tutorial to help you get that shiny new plugin you just downloaded or purchased can be a real lifesaver. PluginTut.com articles help you focus on learning more about a plugin and guide you through the install, setup, and usability experience.

While PluginTut.com does generate revenue through affiliate links, direct advertisement, and the occasional sponsored post — we do not compromise on our reader’s trust. Our mission is to provide tutorials and overviews of WordPress plugins, but not direct reviews/recommendations to use a particular product. We ask if you are going to use a plugin we write about, to do your research first, test thoroughly, and if you still have questions — seek a professional WordPress consultant.

How are your WordPress plugin tutorials different?

As mentioned above, our motivations are to provide a best in class WordPress plugin tutorial experience. We’ll be aiming to publish based along a particular theme (i.e. marketing, site management, security, etc.) and create a mixture of written and video content for each plugin. We hope that our tutorials give you a strong sense of what type of WordPress user should use a particular plugin and achieve a sense of onboarding for the product.

How to request a WordPress plugin tutorial

We’re excited you want us to produce a plugin tutorial for you! Start by contacting us.

While we wish we could publish articles on all the plugins in the world, there are simply too many, and not enough hours in the day to write about them all. Contact us with your questions, and we’ll add it to the queue and let you know approximately when we’ll be able to write about it.

Attention commercial plugin authors!

Like what we’re doing? Want a tutorial written about your plugin? Use the same contact form and let us know. One way to support our site and get your plugin published, is to purchase a tutorial service from us. You’ll get priority over our traditional publishing calendar and help us keep the lights on.

Remember, this isn’t a review, and we will not include copy that attempts to persuade our readers to use or purchase your product.