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We love our sponsors.

Sponsors help us keep the lights on around here and produce quality WordPress tutorial content and educational information. You can sponsor a tutorial for your product or become a content partner and sponsor the entire site + PluggedIn Radio podcast.

Please contact us with questions.

Who am I? 

I’m the host of a well-established podcast in the WordPress space called, The Matt Report. I operate a WordPress consulting shop, sell WordPress themes and plugins. I know how hard it is to find good promotional and marketing channels for WordPress products. As big as this market is, it’s crowded and hard to break through the noise to find the perfect customer. is an outlet where readers come to learn about new and exciting WordPress products from creators like you. It also serves a great platform to get the word out for your own marketing efforts. That being said, I don’t accept every sponsorship request. I reserve the right to accept your application, and choose products that I feel have the user’s best interest in mind.

What sponsorship products are available?

At this time, PluginTut offers the following options:

  • Single tutorial post + video
  • Series of tutorial posts + videos
  • Monthly sponsorship of content + podcast

While we plan to expand our sponsorship offerings, we feel this will give you, the WordPress product creator, the best bang for your buck. Unlike other content factories, I want to make sure that your hard-earned sponsorship dollars are earning the value they deserve. If you’re unhappy with the outcome of our article and video series — we’ll refund you.

If you want to sponsor a post or become a content partner, please contact us.

What other services are available?

Are you a startup? Great, so are we! Introducing: Content marketing services!

We now offer content writing services for your own marketing or company blog. If you’re too busy building the product and hiring developers, let us lighten the load and create a content marketing plan for you. Think of us as ghost blog writers, but from people that know WordPress deeply.

Ready to hire us and get your blog post series started? Contact us.