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How to install Google Analytics in WordPress

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to install Google Analytics into your WordPress website. If you’ve only recently hopped on the Search Engine Optimization train, or you simply want to know who visits your website, Google Analytics is one of the most powerful ways to do it. Analytics become even more critical when you…

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Google Maps Widget Plugin Overview

If you’re looking for an easy to use Google Maps widget for your WordPress website, look no further than the Google Maps Widget plugin. This plugin installs a customizable widget into your WordPress website, that gives you control over your mapping needs. You can control the map dimensions, like height & width, place a pin…

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Jetpack plugin for content marketing

I don’t know about you, but I hear more requests for “content marketing experts” than I do for “SEO experts” these days. With search engines becoming much harder to game, publishers are turning to the fad phase of content marketing. In my opinion, this is the way it should have always been done. Create great…

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A guide to mobile WordPress plugins, content, and SEO

By now you’d imagine mobile websites are commonplace, or “just work” through WordPress out-of-the-box. Yes, there are an ample amount of mobile WordPress plugins available for site owners to choose from. Sure, there are mobile responsive themes, that, by now, have become ubiquitous. Heck, it would be a challenge to find a theme published in…

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How to find the best WordPress plugin

It’s hard to find the best WordPress plugin. Not only do you have to test to see if the plugin does what it’s advertised to do, you need to understand who is behind the code before you add it to your website. You don’t want to select the wrong plugin and end up entangled in a #panamapapers…

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Restrict Content Pro Interview

The online learning market is huge. If you're a traditional business owner or a new-age entrepreneur, one of the most effective ways to create new revenue is to launch an online course. You're taking the knowledge and experiences you've painstakingly curated over the years, bottling it up, and selling member-only access to it. A pay-wall, as it's known…

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Baton free WordPress theme preview

Editor's note: The Baton theme is created by my company, Slocum Themes. The following tutorial aims to get you started using our new theme, and understand why we made the choices in features. After 7 long months in the WordPress theme review queue, our recent theme Baton has been pushed live. Baton (free) and Baton Pro…

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